Discover Night Face Creams

  Did you know that night face creams should be absorbed quickly, leave no greasy feeling and not stain your pillow? A night face cream should have only a light natural scent, due to the extracts or oils that it contains. It should not contain perfume or parfum, as it is sometimes listed on the label.

If the label bears warnings about discontinuing use if a rash occurs or worsens, don't buy it. Don't buy night face creams that should not be used on broken skin. It is not uncommon to scratch yourself while you sleep. We rub our faces, put our hands in our mouths and do all sorts of things while we sleep. All of the ingredients in a night face cream should be safe and non-toxic.

A night face cream should contribute to and support the natural cell rejuvenation that occurs overnight. The skin is an amazing organ. It completely regenerates every 28 days. The regeneration process is a bit slower in older people and those that have suffered from sun damage. The reason for that is damaged done to the skin's "stem cells".

Stem cells are specialized to reproduce and replicate exact copies of themselves, over and over again as time goes by. Only a few adult organs contain stem cells. The skin just happens to be one of them, unless some type of damage occurs.

Serious burns can destroy the skin's stem cells. Sunburn does not destroy them, but it does damage the DNA that tells the cells how to replicate. It is this DNA damage that can cause the appearance of a wrinkle or an age spot. When the DNA is damaged, it no longer produces exact copies. But, luckily, the DNA can be repaired.

Some night face creams contain the ingredients that repair damaged DNA strands. Most do not. One of the ingredients to look for is coenzyme Q10.

A night face cream containing coenzyme Q10 can reduce wrinkles, improve moisture content, soften and repair sun damage. Most antioxidants prevent damage. Coenzyme Q10 actually repairs it. The cells also produce some antioxidants of their own, if they are working properly. An ingredient called CYNERGY TK has been shown to increase the production of the antioxidants SOD and glutathione within the skin's cells.

CYNERGY TK has also been shown to increase stem cell production. Studies have shown an increase of skin cell proliferation by 160% after three days of use. So, night face creams can easily reverse the signs of age, if they contain CYNERGY TK and coenzyme, but some manufacturers choose to include other beneficial ingredients, as well.

Avocado oil has been shown to increase the amount of collagen in the dermis, probably due to the vitamin A content. A night face cream containing Shea butter can cause a serious transformation in a few weeks, as long as the butter is of the highest quality.

Make no mistake about it. The best night face creams contains all of these beneficial ingredients. They are something like health supplements that you apply directly. So, you can use one and sleep well.

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